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Full-Synthetic formulations are synthesized from a molecular-level to be the cleanest, strongest, and most reliable engine oils available.

Generally speaking, these oils may cost a bit more than their semi-synthetic or mineral-based counterparts, but their consistent, long-term performance far outweighs the upfront cost. These oils have excellent thermal and oxidative stability, higher viscosity indexes, and better resistance to friction and wear.

Considering the seeming separation between engine oils and the gasoline that your engine runs on, it is common to believe that an engine oil does not affect your fuel economy, or MPGs. On the contrary, motor oils -- and especially the fully-synthetic formulations -- may have a tremendous effect on fuel economy, especially when considering the extended drain periods these oils provide. 

In short, these oils are the best lubricating agents for any modern automotive engine.* Period.

*Just keep in mind OEM specifications.
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