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Kendall never falls short on lubricant quality -- and greases are no exception.

The three main constituents of grease determine the quality of the grease are as follows: base oil, thickener, and additives. Thankfully for you, Kendall capitalizes on all three.

Starting with clean, premium base oils and combining them with the most high quality thickeners and additives, Kendall offers some of the most quality semi-solid lubricants on the market. 

Kendall's line of greases are designed for a multitude of applications but perform outstanding in applications wherein there is stop and go operation (due to the shear stability of these greases). Also, these greases are excellent in non-conventional lubrication applications such as difficult-to-access or hard-to-reach places. Finally, these products work excellently on old, worn components that require the added viscosity and stickiness of greases to maintain ideal performance. 

If you're looking for quality semi-solid lubricants, look no further than Kendall greases.