Natural Gas Motor Oils From Kendall

Vehicles employing engines that run on compressed or liquefied natural gas fare best when lubricated with a Natural Gas Engine Oil from Kendall Motor Oils. These oils are approved for use in most transit buses, school buses, delivery trucks, and other vehicles equipped with slider-follower CNG or LNG engines.

These motor oils provide excellent wear protection for slider-follower diesel engines that have been converted to natural gas service. Engine oils specifically dedicated to the protection and lubrication of diesel engines that have been converted to natural gas engines require a higher level of antiwear additives than conventional low-ash gas engine oils. These unique additive systems protect these types of engines far beyond the capabilities of other non-natural gas engine oils.

In addition to the minimization of sludge, deposit, and rust formation, these oils resist foam and aeration and greatly reduce maintenance while extending engine life.